Streamline Your Digital Workplace WalkMe fosters fluid interaction between employees and enterprise management platforms, boosting competency with contextual assistance throughout intricate tasks and complex processes.

Boost Employee Productivity WalkMe uses visual and statistical insights to shed light on user actions and behavior, pinpointing core obstacles and implementing corrective action

Accelerate Training and Reduce Support Costs WalkMe’s next generation training tools instill expertise and proficiency in employees, providing proactive assistance at the moment of need, while promoting a culture of self-reliance.

Digital Transformation Large-scale disruptive transformations must be fully adopted, by both employees and customers, in order to reach digital maturity and answer customer needs and expectations.

Software Implementation With 75% of organizations failing to achieve expected business outcomes after software implementation. Due to poor user adoption, there is a clear need for smooth software transitions.

Training and Onboarding 80% of information that employees learn is forgotten, illustrating the need to adopt a practical and conceptual shift in training and onboarding programs.

Employee Productivity Companies that implemented WalkMe experienced a 93% reduction in employee time spent on errors within workplace systems



  • Identify, track and analyze obstacles to improve workflow
  • Drive adoption and engagement to realize the full value of your digital assets
  • Accelerate time-to-competency during onboarding
  • Streamline transition periods
  • Keep pace with evolving technology
  • Simplify user experience to reduce resistance to change
  • Ensure data validation and integrity



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