VONQ is the expert in smart recruitment marketing. We help companies attract more qualified applicants by using marketing methods, technology and data.
Founded in 2006, VONQ has grown to a multinational with over 150 employees, operating from four offices across Europe. VONQ offers recruitment marketing solutions and a job marketing platform to turn passive and active candidates into qualified applicants. Our fully algorithm-powered platform offers recruitment professionals access to all the media channels in the world and helps them select the most relevant channels for their jobs. To steer recruitment professionals’ success, we offer analytics and job market insights – all possible to access via their ATS or as a stand-alone solution. For more information, please visit https://www.vonq.com/

Overview and Benefits

Our Recruitment Analytics Marketing Platform turns passive and active candidates into qualified applicants. You get access to all the media channels in the world and our algorithm selects the most relevant channels per job. With a click of a button your job ad is online. Measure your performance with Analytics and get job market insights to steer success – all accessible via your ATS or as a stand-alone solution.


Get access to all channels in the world: job boards, niche sites, social media and search engines, to target candidates, both active and passive.


Offer recruiters a seamless user experience between their ATS and VONQ’s platform to increase ease of use and save time on job posting.


Steer your recruitment success with candidate engagement data across the complete recruitment funnel – from source to hire. Optimise your candidate journey with full insights on candidate behaviour and benchmark your performance against your industry peers.


Candidates behave differently online. To attract the right talent, you need to distribute your jobs via the right channels for your target audience, based on predictive insights.



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