Our integration with HireVue enables customers to embed digital interviewing capabilities including video as an important component of Lumesse’s TalentLink talent acquisition solution and recruitment process. The integrated, plug-and-play solution is fully scalable and can be easily rolled out across the customer’s organization without the need for any further development.

HireVue helps global enterprises gain a competitive advantage in the modern talent marketplace with video interviewing, assessments, and coaching.

Our Video Intelligence platform is transforming the way companies discover, hire, and develop talent. By combining video interviews with predictive, validated I-O science and artificial intelligence, HireVue augments human decision-making in the hiring process and delivers higher quality talent, faster.


Overview and Benefits

OnDemand interviews

Increases recruiter productivity & decrease time to fill by replacing unnecessary steps in the hiring process, such as resume review and phone screen, with recorded interviews that can be reviewed anytime.

A convenient and modern candidate experience. Candidates have an opportunity to learn about the company, culture, position, and hiring manager in a modern, mobile-enabled interview experience.

Make better hiring decisions based on deeper insight into candidates’ potential and reducing bias with a standardized, structured interview process.

Live Video Interviews

 Proprietary interviewing platform with the latest video streaming technology and real-time rating and evaluating tools built-in the hiring process by sharing recorded interviews with stakeholders involved in the decision-making process.

Engage even passive candidates with a high-touch, video experience that can be completed from a mobile device, laptop or desktop from anywhere.


Real-time, 2-way integration with Gmail and Outlook helps recruiters focus on great candidates, not calendars.

Simple and easy self-scheduling for candidates puts you face-to-face with top talent faster than your competition.

Event-based scheduling or complex interview days are coordinated with ease. Event teams’, hiring managers’, and candidates’ schedules are aligned by our rules-based scheduling solution.


Standard packaged integration jointly implemented by Lumesse and Hirevue uses the standard public APIs, supports multiple workflows exchanging information seamlessly between the two systems.

Integration supports multiple workflows:

Video interview can be set-up to be launched automatically as part of the application process submission.

 Video interview can be set-up to be initiated automatically after the application process. Here the Candidate is sent an email invite which includes the interview link.

Video interview can be initiated manually by the recruiter after the application process for selective Candidates. Candidate receives email invite which includes the interview link

In each of the above workflows Integration allows to automatically present the Candidate with the requisition specific video interview questionnaire that would have been set-up by the recruiters in Hirevue platform.

Detailed reports which includes scores and report URLs are made available in TalentLink immediately after the candidates complete video interview allowing recruiters to assess in detail prior to further progress with the application.



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