CareerBuilder Employment Screening is the trusted leader in employment screening. With 68% of candidates continuing to look for jobs until cleared for hire, we help to simplify employment screening by enabling clients to gain the visibility, quality, and speed to keep candidates engaged.

Overview and Benefits

When it comes to a user-friendly, customer-centric platform, nothing compares to CareerBuilder Employment Screening’s WebACE®. Our proprietary, cloud-based portal consolidates background screening, drug testing, I-9 and occupational health services all in one.


The Lumesse integration is a redirect, or 2-step integration allowing the user to be redirected to their WebACE® ordering page from the Lumesse platform. The integration uses HR-XML format and includes candidate, employment, and education data.




Lumesse Marketplace is a Ecosystem of leading Recruitment Technologies and services - from the world's leading vendors. Designed to empower organisations looking to take their Talent Acquisition to the next level.

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