Cammio is a powerful cloud-based video recruitment & assessment platform helping candidates and employers towards better hiring matches with a visual first impression. Cammio uniquely combines live, automated, and video pitch interviews within one integrated platform that is easy and fun to use. Organizations from all over the world rely on Cammio to power their daily search for the best candidate while reducing cost and time-to-hire. Simply interview and compare candidates online in a fair and engaging process. No Talent To Waste! Hire greater candidates, faster with Cammio!


Overview and Benefits

This is why employers love using Cammio

  • Improved applicant-to-hire ratio
  • Better matches through predictive hiring
  • Shorter time-to-hire
  • Premium candidate experience
  • Reduced recruitment cost
  • Fair & engaging process


Standard packaged integration jointly implemented by Lumesse and Cammio uses the standard public APIs, supports multiple work flows exchanging information seamlessly between the two systems.

Integration supports multiple work flows

  • Video interview can be set-up to be launched automatically as part of the application process submission.
  • Video interview can be set-up to be initiated automatically after the application process. Here the Candidate is sent an email invite which includes the interview link.
  • Video interview can be Initiated manually by the recruiter after the application process for selective Candidates. Candidate receives email invite which includes the interview link.

In each of the above work flows Integration allows to automatically present the Candidate with the requisition specific video interview questionnaire that would have been set-up by the recruiters in Cammio platform.

Detailed reports which includes scores and report URLs are made available in TalentLink immediately after the candidates complete video interview allowing recruiters to assess in detail prior to further progress with the application.



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